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Family as school of competencies and abilities

Proactivity as the way for development

Respect and equality as conditions to serve

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Supporting the productivity of indigenous women of Chimaltenango and Sololá (Guatemala)

Entrepreneurship and rural development

For many years, FABRE has carried out projects for rural development and the empowerment of women through activities of production and the commercialization of manufactured food and handcrafted products. These projects are currently being developed in local communities of Guatemala and Bolivia.


Raising education standards in 20 rural pre-schools and elementary education centers in San Marcos(Guatemala)

Quality education

Education in Guatemala and Bolivia is one of our most important areas in Development Cooperation. FABRE has implemented more than 40 educational projects , reaching more than 30.000 students, especially those immersed in rural environments with very low opportunities to exercise their right to quality education.


Knowledge safes lives
(Ivory Coast)


Our projects in Ivory Coast are aimed to assisting people infected with AIDs and promote health and sanitation training to mothers and children to prevent the spreading of the disease. We also provide health services and care to children and the elderly thanks to our program of comprehensive care services.


Promotion of food security and access to water
for 150 families of El Chaco (Bolivia)

Water and food security

FABRE has carried out projects on water and sanitation providing access to this essential resource for home use and drinking. We have also developed programs for the improvement of farm products to promote economic growth and secure food availability. These actions have taken place in countries such as Bolivia, Ivory Coast, Guatemala and others.


Seminary about adolescent children
relationship with (Lithuania)

We help families grow healthy

Family support programs represent one of the main lines of action of the Foundation, as well as a cutting through aspect and a top priority asset in each of our projects. For years now, FABRE has developed counselling and support initiatives to support families in Spain and abroad, most significantly in Nordic and Slavic countries, in subjects such as couple advise, close family relationships and dealing with adolescence.


Making hearts happy

We go where we are needed

Through its humanitarian aid interventions, FABRE covers first needs of great urgency providing aid kits of food and clothes, but also shelter. These actions take place mostly in the urban areas of countries with high weather instability, where there are large sections of population in contexts of vulnerability, as it is the case of Cuba.


And you, what can you do?
Pour your interests into a social mission with our citizen participation and public action programs in the North and South. All programs include a training process on the reality of North – South relationships so that you can learn more about human rights, to defend them and get into action.
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Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

Our Education for Sustainable Development drives teachers and students to proactivity. Click over the elements to watch the videos that show local actions for sustainability carried out by different Spanish organizations in their alliance for the Sustainable Development Goals and get inspired to start your own. 


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