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What makes us

Family as school of competencies and abilities

Proactivity as the way for development

Respect and equality as conditions to serve

Our mission is contributing to the development of individuals, facilitating an opportunity for change to each and every single beneficiary. We promote justice and social welfare, solidarity and family-based values. All of our projects place individuals at the core of our activity; their training, education and earning capacity, enabling them to leave the poverty trap behind them. In order to do this, we carry out development cooperation projects at an international level, social action and family counselling interventions in Europe and awareness-raisingvolunteering Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship activities in Spain.
FABRE prioritises education and culture as an essential tool for the progress of peoples. Therefore, our methodology is born from the dialogue between cultures and the fostering of respect between sides, preserving local values and therefore the identities that nurture cultural richness. Our goals are equality between women and men, solidarity and, outstandingly, to safeguard freedom as a needed condition for any kind of intercultural development. Only this way, the communities will be able to reach lasting self-support and defend their development.
FABRE’s work promotes solidarity between developed and non-developed peoples, based on the basis of peer-to-peer work and mutual exchange.
FABRE believes in proactivity as the way for development. In such a way, communities will be able to prevent up-coming problems using all resources to their disposal for the creation of a peaceful and sustainable society.
Justice and Freedom
FABRE seeks justice and the proportionate distribution of wealth, offering each person the opportunity to participate and develop as an individual and as part of the community. In the same way, healthy and sustainable development of individuals and societies must be based in the protection of citizens freedom and principles of non-distinction for reasons of sex, beliefs or race.
The human being is at the core of FABRE’s projects and activities. We work based on the capacity to act, the responsibility and creativity of every single individual. That is why we prioritize training and education over any other activity.
Quality work and Transparency
Prioritizing quality in our tasks and transparency. Work well done is a sign of respect towards the people in need and, therefore, a key value for FABRE. This quality is reflected by our transparency and commitment to the responsible allocation of funds received.
Family is the most important school of competencies and abilities. Family counselling and support are essential to boost the multiplying effect that society needs in its growing, transformative and developing process. Family is the pilot test to match and create our core values
Ana María Bacardi Bravo was born May 24th of 1949 in Santiago de Cuba. After coursing the Baccalaureate in Canada, she undertakes her higher studies in Social Work and Family Assistance in Belgium, Rome and Spain. In 1969, due to the political circumstances of the country, she goes into exile along with all her family and settles in Spain, where she marries the Galician entrepreneur Juan Ángel Regojo Otero. They had five children. Throughout her life the memory of Cuba will always go with her, passing away without the fortune of coming back to her homeland. She committed her life to her family and friends, developing an insatiable service in favour of the institution of family, giving courses in family counselling to young people and married couples. She was a woman with great culture and outstanding writing skills, cheerful, sociable, charitable, profound, generous, sensitive and faithful to her friends. She died July 2nd of 1998 due to a fatal traffic accident. In her memory, honouring her example and legacy, her husband and children constituted FABRE Foundation, from the acronym Ana Bacardi de Regojo, wishing to sustain the trail of good that she instilled in the hearts of many.
  1. logo Fundación Ana Bacardi

    October, 27th 2003

    Ana Bacardi Regojo Foundation is incorporated. Juan Angel Regojo and children attending, explain their wish to honour the memory of his wife and mother respectively by the constitution of a non-profit entity aiming to pursue public good ends and support and assistance for people in need.
  2. logo AEF

    July, 8th 2004

    FABRE becomes a member of the Spanish Association of Foundations, entity inscribed in the Register of Associations with the number 170.265 and TIN G83534545 and address at Calle Rafael Calvo, 18 – 4ºB (28010) Madrid.
  3. Logo FABRE antiguo

    July, 21th 2009

    FABRE opens new offices in Navarra, Castilla y León and Galicia.
  4. Logo aecid

    January, 22nd 2010

    The Foundation is registered as an Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGOD) in the Spanish Agency of International Development Cooperation (AECID) as established in the article 14 of the NGOD Register’s Regulation approved by Royal Decree 193/2015, March 23rd, with the reference number 1989.
  5. Logo FABRE antiguo

    June, 22nd 2010

    The Foundation, as agreed on March 14th 2010 with the accord of the Board of Trustees and protocoled in script number 392 on March 16th 2010 accepted before public notary, changes the social name to FABRE.
  6. Logo Coordinadora de Galicia

    October, 8th 2012

    FABRE Foundation joins as a member the Galician Coordinator of NGOs for Development, with TIN G15369002 and held at Rua dos Basquiños, 33, 1ºA Santiago de Compostela (15704) La Coruña.
  7. Logo Coordinadora de Castilla y León

    April 2013

    FABRE Foundation becomes part of the Castilla y León Coordinator of Non-Governmental Organizations for Development, with TIN G47291869, inscribed in the Register of Development Cooperation Agents of Castilla y León with the registered number of VA20090056.
  8. Logo Coordinadora de Navarra

    April 2013

    FABRE joins the NGOD Coordinator of Navarre – Garapen Lankidetzarako EEGen Kordinajundea, with TIN G31630890 and headquarters at Grupo Barrio San Pedro 31, ground floor left (31014) Pamplona.
  9. Logo REDI

    June, 27th 2013

    FABRE Foundation becomes part of the Network Association of NGOD for the Development of Ibero-American Countries (REDI), with the end of promoting integration amongst NGODs in Spain and in South America and foster collaboration between civil society, public administrations and the private sector for a compressive human development.
  10. Logo FABRE antiguo

    November, 23th 2021

    FABRE opens new offices in Valencia.
  11. 2022

    FABRE begins its activity in Comunidad Valenciana.