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What does being a volunteer mean?

Being a volunteer means seeing problems as opportunities for change.

What does being a volunteer mean?

Being a volunteer is knowing that humility is the best teacher.

What does being a volunteer mean?

Being a volunteer is finding one’s place in the world.

2030 Agents Program

¿What do you like doing the most? ¿Singing? ¿Playing an instrument? ¿Acting or dancing? Tell us about it and we will offer opportunities so that, through your own interests and hobbies, you can inspire society around you towards social engagement and solidarity. We will support you spreading your project in mass media and government platforms and we will provide you with training on everything related to the 2030 Agenda.

Transformative Volunteer Program

We work side by side with other associations, foundations and NGOs to promote a triple-transformative-effect volunteering. Firstly, in you, because you will learn from realities that will show you the social inequalities in your city. Secondly, in your immediate surroundings, because you will transmit your enthusiasm for caring and social service to relatives and friends. And, also, in the beneficiaries of the project you volunteer in: support classes, elderly-care services, urban camp, assistance to refugees…

International Volunteering Program

Be part in one of our international development cooperation projects in Guatemala, Bolivia or Ivory Coast. With the collaboration of our local partners, we will offer you international volunteering programs in education, health, business development and female empowerment.

Teaching Volunteering Program

If you are a teacher and you are interested in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship… we are looking for you! Become part of our ESD creating new teaching materials and educational resources or designing new activities and benefit from our North-South exchange experiences.

Don’t give away your time to help someone. Rather, take time to yourself taking care of others.


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